Take that fresh made pesto and toss some zoodles with it. This entire meal can be made without turning on a stove. It’s fresh, clean, and most importantly delicious. I crusted some shrimp with Parmesan and lemon juice and added it on top for more protein. That’s it. That’s the recipe! INGREDIENTS Pesto (homemade or…


My basil is growing like a weed so I made a pesto. What I love about pesto is you can use any almost any nut and herb to make one. And pest goes great with almost anything. I used this to make zoodles, toss on shrimp, use as a spread on a sandwich–you think it…


There isn’t much to say besides this is an herbaceous, lemony, refreshing salad that is perfect for summer. The toasted walnuts give an earthy flavor and crunch that anchors this salad.


How can I have a keto blog and NOT have a burger recipe? I love making burgers because I can portion out the meat for easy tracking. I also feel like I am not on a diet when I eat big juicy burgers with all the toppings. That’s the one major score of living the…


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