Hi, I am Shanetta and I run the recipe blog Single Serving Keto. I have been cooking since I was around six years old; serving a gaggle of sisters, cousins and parents. I had my two night a week assignment for dinner that made cooking a snore and a chore. Little did I know that all these years later, I would have developed a sense of independence that began with being able to cook for myself. As I have moved around the country, I began an adventure with food-trying and loving cuisine from all over the world while introducing new items to my regular grocery list. I learned to appreciate growing up in Caribbean and Filipino cultures. And I treasured the long mastered ability to make a tasty home cooked meal in almost no time at all. My passion for keto began just about a year ago as I was looking for a diet (ie style of eating) that was healthy and allowed me to lose weight at keep it off. I've tried vegetarian and even vegan. But keto stole my heart. It was a clean way of eating that redefined what dieting was. I was able to lose over 30lbs off keto without deprivation or crazy work outs. It just came naturally to me as I felt my body overcome a sugar addiction, allowing me the chance to feel both hunger and satiety. This, I believe, has been my key to keto success. My body communicates with me and it feels good to listen to it. I am not a doctor and I don't claim to be an expert on anything-not even keto. But since I make about ten keto meals or treats a week, I may be able to help those who want to try keto, are new to keto, or who are totally keto who want some delicious low carb eats. My motto is to cook with love. As a single woman I think it's important to see cooking for myself as a form of self love. It's fun to splurge on some fancy ingredients. It's creative to remix a meal or ingredient from leftovers. It's humbling to fail at seemingly simple recipes. And it's rewarding to take that delicious first bite of something made with whatever is on hand. Who says wives and mothers are the only women who can be revered for their cooking? I put in the same amount of effort and then plate a single serving. And this blog is the way I can share a meal with you.


My basil is growing like a weed so I made a pesto. What I love about pesto is you can use any almost any nut and herb to make one. And pest goes great with almost anything. I used this to make zoodles, toss on shrimp, use as a spread on a sandwich–you think it you can try it with pesto.



I love making chimichurri because it’s vibrant, jazzes up any dish, and is very simple to make. Anything that can add interesting flavors and textures to regular keto staples is welcome. When we eat from a specific group of foods it’s important to mix it up a bit if we want keto to go from diet to lifestyle.