Thanks for sharing a meal with me

Who says cooking for one can’t be rewarding and fun? As a single woman I specialize in finding ways to remix meals, getting the most out of leftovers, making delicious eats with minimal effort, and splurging on quality ingredients.

Adopted into a large family at a young age, cooking was a part of my chore list before I reached a decade on this planet. I was exposed to cooking for large parties on a tight budget and using creativity to make cheap ingredients into something tasting. Having parents that grew up in Jamaica and the Philippines helped open my eyes to the cultures in cuisine before I even understood the impact. As an adult I have traveled the world and have been able to connect to different cultures through the unifying vessel of food.

Food is a big part of my life; as I am sure most of you can relate. As a woman who has been on a weight loss journey most of her life, finding keto has taken all the negatives of loving food away. When I first started a keto lifestyle in January 2019, I was amazed at how my body responded to a sugar free low carb diet. I lost weight almost effortlessly and was able to enjoy the foods (and cocktails) I loved while doing it. It didn’t feel like a diet–and that has been the key for long term success.

I love sharing my meals on social media–meals from fancy restaurants during work events or small town diners while on the road or things I have cooked myself at home. The number one question I get when I post something homemade is “Where can I get the recipe” So, here they are. These are the keto meals, snacks, desserts, and cocktails I enjoy at home by myself.

I believe cooking for myself is the highest form of self care. I chose the ingredients, I monitor portions, I reduce waste, and I make myself happy. I enjoy rummaging through the pantry to see what I can make out of almost nothing. I feel a sense of pride as I slice a single serving of cheesy casserole and put it on a plate. I value dancing in my kitchen–wine in one hand, tasting spoon in the other–while I make a complete mess I won’t have the energy to clean up in the morning. Cooking is my happy place and it doesn’t lose value because it’s for an audience of one.

Always cook with self love.